For a few weeks prior to the burning of the goal house, Mr

For a few weeks prior to the burning of the goal house, Mr

On a single of those the newest dying love of Christ is actually commemorated, an interesting orphan girl being very first accepted toward rights of church

177 1854.] OJIBWAS. 177 four of the previous participants are in fact regarding the brand new Y ellow Medicine Chapel, and something keeps passed away, today’s amount of communicants in the Lac-qui-parle try twenty-a couple of, half a dozen away from exactly who is actually non-owners. An early woman has actually passed away at this route, giving quite satisfactory evidence of which have selected Christ once the her portion, whether or not she had not produced a vocation off their unique faith during the your. Riggs taught an excellent Dakota university, one of several Indians becoming his assistant. The brand new attendance are quite guaranteeing ; for about half the amount of time, actually, they averaged more than thirty. Miss Spooner instructed a little English university, through to the flames regarding March 3 interrupted their own labors. This original more youthful woman has returned so you can her family during the Kansas. OJIBWAS. Ciicnv W inside grams. Sherman Hall, Missionary; Mrs. Betsey P. Hallway. B good d R i v e roentgen. Leonard H. Wheeler, Missionary, Charles Pulsifer, Teacher; Mrs. Harriet W. Wheeler, Mrs. Hannah Pulsifer, Skip Abby Spooner. Henry Blatchford, Native Catechist. 2 stations. dos missionaries. 1 male and you may cuatro female assistant missionaries. step one local helper. T their goal was at introduce consisting of this new persons exactly who belonged to it one year ago ; the region regarding a part of its professionals, not, varies; together with labors out-of a couple anybody else, since it areas new Ojibwas, is regarded as nearly finalized. The reason why that have lead to these unanticipated transform, try worthy of a quick checklist. CHOW Side. Immediately after visiting the Dakota goal, Mr. Remove ascended the new Mississippi to Crow Wing, with regards to conferring to the family at that channel concerning their preparations and you can applicants, since together with out-of physically inspecting the field that they got very recently visited invade. The guy found that they had suffered of many products in their brand new family beautiful honduran women, and they was never clear as to the obligations of kept any more at the its article. Having ascertained the facts and therefore bore through to which matter, so far as he was in a position, the guy came back and you will laid all of them before Com m ittee; whereupon it actually was chose to relinquish the newest station, when the needful preparations could well be made. It might be remembered that the goal parents eliminated so you’re able to Crow Side just last year having a-two-bend purpose. T hi wanted to introduce a good boarding university, in auspices of one’s Joined

For the Indian representative, H

178 178 OJIBWAS. [Declaration, States authorities, in order to take part in the standard labors linked to the newest preaching out of Christ among the heathen. Nevertheless people at this lay was bound to be much faster, it might look, than just the brethren asked, due partly so you’re able to a difference regarding plan concerning the fresh import of one’s eastern Ojibwas into west region of the Mississippi, and you may partially on the war between this type of Indians and the Dakotas. The development of ardent morale towards this part of the Ojibwa country, additionally, is practically unchecked; and it create rarely end up being secure can be expected a energetic program out-of actions for the different. Hence, to state absolutely nothing out-of anyone else that are adduced, the fresh Committee try not to consider they smart to protract their efforts during the that it station ; and as there is no almost every other place one of the Ojibwas, right now unoccupied, that provides sufficient encouragement having missionary work, Mr. Hall enjoys chose to provide himself henceforth toward family provider ; and then he will in all probability suppose an excellent pastoral fees inside the Minnesota Area. Mr. Pulsifer and Henry Blatchford might possibly be for the Mr. Wheeler into River Premium. L An excellent P O When you look at the T Age A n D B A good D Roentgen IV Age R. T the guy Committee are permitted to dicuss way more hopefully from brand new businesses of Panel to your Lake Advanced than simply it performed a year ago. A big payment of money and you may merchandise was developed towards Indians at La Pointe in Oct last by the Us governm ent; but rather of these views out of riot and you can disorder which can be very frequent on including occasions, there was a reduced amount of intemperance and you will dissipation than usual; while there can be more than ordinary demand for the services of the sanctuary. Conferences happened just about every nights; and several of the pagan Indians attended, and you will read the content regarding salvation. The fresh new Sabbaths was indeed including solemn. Gilbert, Esq., in order to their advanced assistant, this new sobriety and you may silent and this prevailed, try. mainly is ascribed. The new Indians in the Bad Lake have never become even more quiet, friendly otherwise industrious than simply in the past 12 months; neither keeps they shown much more mood any time to concentrate for the facts of the gospel. Numerous people, plus around three Chiefs, provides known themselves with the Religious class, while having drawn title of praying Indians. Several try thought to be sincere inquirers ; but not one features offered for example proof of piety about warrant its admission to help you Christian fellowship. Mr. Wheeler has actually seen however, one to Ojibwa in a state out of intoxication at the Crappy Lake for more than annually.

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