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The 411: Introducing the first-ever program geared specifically toward couples: Between. In a global with countless communication and data-sharing websites, Value Creators & organization features built an exclusive message board for couples to speak, commemorate and cultivate enduring connections.

Launched last year by several dudes from Seoul nationwide college, Value Creators & businesses goal targets exactly that — “adding value to your consumers,” in line with the team at VCNC.

Before the startup’s release, President Jaeuk Park noticed everyone was “growing cautious about the open social networking space.”

Which, “everyone speak with each other and we blog post pictures, but that does not indicate we desire every person appearing,” the group at VCNC mentioned.

Park and his group wanted to create a space for people maintain to by themselves while the social network space grew more overwhelming.

Introducing the “Hotline for Couples”

In a worldwide launch providing to six varied dialects (English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified and Thai), VCNC developed a talk service which allows consumers to mix all their social media marketing interaction sources rather than have discussions spread about.

“around is much like a personal place in a big, bustling cyber city someplace possible focus merely on each some other in some sort of chock-full of other people’s statuses, talks and adverts,” the group at VCNC stated. “we feel the magic sauce that allows partners to grow closer is a mixture of communication, remembering and preparing.”

This indicates this key sauce is actually making tasters coming back again to get more.

The team states that many consumers with experimented with the application have become turning off announcements for other social media discussion boards and depending only on Between simply because they know that is hooking up with them, and that’s exactly who they love.

It is not About the Breaths you adopt but the Moments

One facet of Between’s program certainly really worth noting is the times element. You will find this handy gizmo within the primary tabs associated with app.

Moments is a portal to gather your provided Kodak memories as several, and Between immediately kinds the photos chronologically.

Lovers can search through the photographs they have bought out the very last season appreciate a “nice artistic representation” of their commitment background.

Commensurate with the theme of treasuring the moments, around likewise has a diary function that allows couples to check right back on previous times, and additionally plan for future thoughts becoming discussed.

TCIM: Thanks, Chief Executive Officer. It really is Monday!

inside their next year of service, with a group of approximately 40 revolutionary users, VCNC prides itself on their company environment, and the feedback was given from consumers.

An enjoyable reality concerning company tradition of VCNC is the TCIM advantage. Each alternate Monday, the company has actually lunch focused in, and employees are considering the chance to publish unknown questions relating to the happenings of the company.

The Chief Executive Officer addresses their own inquiries towards the better of their ability over meal. This helps to keep the group people informed and linked.

Standards of Value Creators & Company:

Wait, Absolutely MORE?

VCNC has recently established two must-see third-party programs.

These two programs are only obtainable in Korea today, but the staff expectations to enhance soon.

Soon after their own 10 million downloads milestone, VCNC revealed a marriage proposal survey asking individuals across seven countries regarding their preferred wedding proposals.

Results had been extremely informing of social differences between these countries that people assume to get very just like each other.

“As a heavily data-driven business, we like examining differences between countries and undertaking local advertising and marketing,” the group at VCNC mentioned.

If 10 million packages does not convince you to definitely try this app, an individual ratings will.

VCNC generally receives characters and marriage invitations from Between lovers, also requests to feature thematic elements of the brand within their wedding parties.

Once the organization grows earlier, their own loyal customers are developing with these people, and lots of stay to reap the advantages even with the wedding bells fade.

In 2015, VCNC is targeted on raising internationally, such as bigger areas like Europe or the usa. Now, this application is available everywhere that Google Play additionally the application Store can be reached.

If you’d like to visit your relationship transpire into one of these simple happily-ever-afters, visit between.us.

Photo options: tancosin.com, forbes.com, techinasia.com

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